FX-9750GII Review

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PROS / It's compatible with all of the major tests we looked for.

CONS / The layout of the calculator isn't as familiar as other models.

VERDICT / The FX-9750GII is a solid calculator that would compete if it were more widely accepted.

A close cousin to the previously reviewed FX-9860GII is the Casio FX-9750GII graphing calculator, coming in just behind its antecessor in our lineup. It’s an easy to use, durable calculator with a far-from-optimal feature set. It has one of the smallest storage capacities and RAM counts of any calculator we reviewed. It does support a comparable amount of standard classes and it also includes a healthy framework of support from Casio, but these extras aren’t able to make up for the lacking feature set.

This model’s screen is identical to that of the 9860GII: slightly smaller than the majority of the calculators on our lineup. The storage offered by this calculator amounts to a pitiful 26KB, the second lowest in our lineup. This restrictive space allows for almost no additional applications or programming. The amount of RAM is also only 26KB, but given the amount of data the calculator will be processing, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

This graphing calculator is similar in design to its closely related variations and is just as durable. It is compatible with a decent number of classes, though it cannot handle some calculus-specific needs. It will satisfy your needs for basic math classes, but it won’t last as long into the higher-level math classes as some of our higher ranked products.

This model is compatible with all of the major college entrance and credit exams like the SAT, ACT and AP tests. With this in mind, it’s also likely that most of the high-school and college classes will allow its use on their course materials.

The button layout of the Casio FX-9750GII is very similar to the design of other, comparable calculators. The same green-tan and orange button layout from the 9860GII is used, leading to the same legibility problems. We would like to see Casio diversify their models a little bit and create a distinction between these two versions.

On the positive side, this calculator is very easy to use. The lack of superfluous features makes it one of the simplest devices around. The button layout itself is simple and intuitive, even though it can be difficult to make out the inscriptions at times.

The standard warranty is included with the purchase of the device, insuring your calculator against manufacturer errors and material defects. Casio also provides extra technical support via telephone contact numbers and an email address available on their website.

The rare and helpful “Live Chat” option is not available through Casio, though they do provide a useful Repair Location search tool.


The Casio FX-9750GII may not be as powerful or widely accepted as some of our higher ranked products, but it is still a respectable graphing calculator. Its ease of use makes it a very user-friendly option, especially for someone with little or no experience with a high-caliber calculator. For a calculator with a more robust feature set, the ability to program your own applications and a widespread acceptance in the math community, take a look at some of our top products.